Tamatar Ka Chatpata Shorba $4
Home style tomato soup  
Dal Shorba $4
A Lentil soup tempered with Garlic  
Paya Shorba $6
A Mutton Trotter delicacy garnished with brown onion and fresh mint – served with a dash of lemon juice  
Murg aur Dhania Shorba $5
Home style with Cilantro  


Chicken Lollipop $8
Spicy tangy battered drumsticks served with spicy Szechwan sauce  
Chicken Khati Roll $7
Paratha rolled with Juliann cut vegetables; shredded chicken tempered with Indian spices  
Mix Veg Pakora $6
Mixed vegetable fritters  
Veg Khati Roll $7
Paratha rolled with Juliann cut vegetables tempered with Indian spices  
Veg Samosa $5
Crisp Patties stuffed with spiced potatoes and green peas  
Cut Mirchi Pakora $6
Jalapeño fried with coated Bengal gram flour  
Papad Roll $6
Papad with grilled vegetable filled served in a roll  

Underground Peshawari Style

Pudina Kabob $13
An in house vegetarian specialty Kabobs made of Cottage cheese  
Ambi Paneer Tikka $13
Raw Mango, Mint & Ginger with cottage cheese cubes  
Toufa-e-Noor $13
Cubes of cottage cheese in a spicy marination of Ginger Garlic Curd ; a blend of Indian spices cooked in Tandoor  
Hariyali Kabab $13
Vegetarian Kabob of spinach & green peas stuff with cottage cheese  
Paneer Chutney wala $13
Paneer Marinated with ginger and garlic and mint chutney, cooked in tandoor  
Chatpate Paneer Shahzade $13
Stuffed paneer with fresh herbs mixed with hot spices, yogurt and grilled in tandoor  
Zamindari Aloo Ki Tikka $13
Paneer Mashed potato patties filled with cheese raisins & tangy spices, shallow fry  

Underground Peshawari Style

Reshmi Murg Tikka $14
Grilled morsels of Reshami Chicken served with Lemon juice ; melted butter  
Murg Makhmali Sikanj $14
Minced chicken mixed in spices with raw herbs and skewered to finish in tandoor  
Murg Tikka: An all time favorite $14
Grilled morsels of Reshami Chicken served with Lemon juice ; melted butter  
Afghani Murg Ke Kalmi $14
Chicken pieces marinated with raw herbs along with Cheese Cream Green  
Kabuli Tandoori Murg $14
Murg Shikam Puri $14
Pan-fried ground Chicken patties with yogurt  
Barrah Chop: Mutton chops marinated in black cardamom cumin seed raw papaya yogurt. $20
Pan-fried ground Chicken patties with yogurt  
Peshawari Murg $16
Boneless Breast of Chicken stuffed with spicy minced chicken marinated with hang curd cooked in Tandoor  
Kakori Kebab $16
Creamy Tender Kabob of minced Lamb blended with cardamom Saffron rose petals and a secret spice mix  
Shikam Puri Kebab $14
Pan fried ground Lamb patties with yogurt filling a famed Hyderabadi specialty  
Murgh Ke Hari Kalmi $14
Chicken Marinated with fresh cilantro, mint, ginger-garlic along with hung curd and mustard oil, cooked in tandoor  

Curries in Dumpukht Style

Methi Malai Paneer $14
Stir fried Paneer drained in yogurt, specially made thick gravy, dry  
Dhaba Dal $12
Dal mixture with mustered, cumin chop onion, tomato and fresh cilantro  
Zarkhez Zameen $14
Mushroom Vegetables tossed with blend of spices ; simmered in rich Indian gravy  
Shahi Paneer Se $14
Minced cottage cheese in mildly spiced creamy tomato gravy  
Paneer-E-Hazrat Mahal $14
Cottage cheese in rich gravy of tomatoes cashew almonds  
Shabnam Curry $14
Button Mushroom, Green peas cooked in aromatic gravy with a tinge of ginger  
Khiley Phool $14
Florets of Cauliflower stir-fried with bell pepper onion tomato  
Rawalpindi De Chole: Chickpeas cooked with special spices in North frontier style $14
Florets of Cauliflower stir-fried with bell pepper onion tomato  
Kashmiri Dum Aloo $14
Baby round potatoes simmered on a slow heat in a chefs special curry seasoned with fennel powder jeera  
Dum Bhindi Masalawali $14
Okra blended with yogurt, ginger garlic top with Ghee and garnish  
Lazeez Mushroom $14
Mushrooms marinated with yogurt tomato puree and crème sauce  
Shahjani Kofta $14
Fresh mashed paneer dumplings, cooked in rich almond gravy  
Aloo Katliyan $14
Cubes potato tossed in home ground spices, flavored with fresh cilantro and green chilies  
Khumb Sultani $14
A special nawabi dish made of mushroom, baby corn and other seasonal vegetables  
Dal Bhukhara $14
Our signature dish from Underground  

Curries in Dumpukht Style

Murg Rihana $15
Barbeque chicken leg simmered in gravy of cashew nut tomato ; cream. A universal favorite  
Murg Siddam Pukht $16
Boneless chicken cooked in our chef signature style  
Nalli Ka Gosht $16
Slow cooked mutton flavored with fragrant spices  
Oudhi Qurma $16
The favorites of The Nawabs of Oudh boneless lamb pieces cooked in cream ; cashew gravy  
Mallika-E-Dariya: River prawns cooked in coconut ; cream gravy mustard paste flavored with Indian Spice $18
The favorites of The Nawabs of Oudh boneless lamb pieces cooked in cream ; cashew gravy  
Chingri Malai Curry $18
An exotic delicacy of Prawns cooked in Bengali style  
Dum Ka Murg Zafrani $16
Cube chicken marinated with almond paste ; saffron cooked at a low flame  
Hadiwala Methi Murg $16
Succulent pieces of chicken tikka cooked with onion whole spices ; spinach flavored with dry fenugreek  
Gosht Khada Masala $16
Marinated mutton cooked in whole spices, baby onion and coriander leaves  
Handi Jaituni laham $18
Mutton cooked with almond gravy, whole spices in dumpukt style, and its traditional food of lukhnavi nawab  
Methi Murgh Zafrani $16
Delectable combination of chicken with cashew and almond-fenugreek paste  
Awadhi Fish Qurma $18
Telapia fish slow cooked in rich cashew, onion and saffron gravy flavored with bay leaf and coriander  
Lal Maas Rajputana $18
Tender lamb chunks cooked with red chilies, a specialty of Rajasthan  
Murgh Kurchan $14
Shredded chicken tossed with slice bell pepper, tomato and onion finish with touch of onion tomato masala and cilantro  
Lababdar Reshmi Murgh $16
Charcoal grilled reshmi chicken cooked in rich lababdar gravy finished with almond and cream  
Murgh Sufiyani Pasanda $16
Shredded chicken cooked in thick creamy gravy and flavored with mace, cardamom and saffron  
Banjara Macchi $18
Whole pomfret rubbed with lemon juice, salt, ginger garlic, green chillis and cooked in chef’s mouth watering recipe  
Nawabi Jalpari $18
Fresh prawns marinated in herbal and aromatic spices, saffron and coconut milk finished with roasted mustard seeds  

All Time Favorites

PalakPaneer $13
Ground Spinach cooked with cottage cheese  
MutterPaneer $13
Green peas cooked with cheese cubes and spices  
Okra Masala $13
Fried Okra tempered with onion tomato and cilantro  
Vegetable Korma: Mixed Vegetables cooked in creamy onion gravy $13
Fried Okra tempered with onion tomato and cilantro  
Paneer Tikka Masala $13
Fried Cubes of cottage cheese cooked in mildly spiced creamy tomato gravy  
Malai Kofta $13
Croquettes made with cheese and vegetables with creamy onion gravy  

All Time Favorites

Chicken Kadai $14
Chicken cooked in kadai masala with onions bell pepper and tomato  
Andhra Chicken $14
Chicken cooked with tomato onion gravy tempered with mustard curry leaves and red chilly  
Chicken 65 $14
Boneless chicken, fried onion tempered with mustard seeds, whole red chilly  
Tawa Kheema Masala $16
Minced mutton tempered with coriander, chili and tomato  
Goat Vindaloo $16
Mutton cooked in vindaloo gravy and potato  
Chicken Tikka Masala $14
Boneless cubes of chicken cooked in creamy tomato gravy  
Butter Chicken $14
Tandoori boneless sliced chicken in mildly spiced creamy tomato gravy  

Indian Bread

Paratha $3
Stuffed Naan $4
Roti $2
Butter Naan $2
Stuffed Potato Paratha $3
Garlic Naan $3
Naan $2


Yogurt $2
Raitha $2
Papad $2
Mango Chutney $2
Rice $3
Jeera Rice $4


Dum Pukht Veg. Biryani $13
A combination rice cooked with vegetables blended with spices  
Dum Pukht Egg Biryani $13
Combination rice cooked with eggs blended with spices  
Dum Pukht Biryani Chef Special $16
Delicately flavored saffron rice with special biryani spices succulent mutton pieces sealed cooked Dum Pukht style  
Dum Pukht Chicken Biryani $15
A combination rice cooked with chicken blended with spices  


Gulab Jamoon $5
Ice Cream $5
Ras Malai $6
Phirni $6


Mango Lassi $4
Soda $2
Fresh Lime Soda $4
Lassi: Sweet/Salt $3